Frequently Asked Questions

What are your delivery times?
Bike rental deliveries are made between 8AM-12PM. Special arrangements can be made with advance notice.
Do we need to be present for delivery?
An adult must be present to sign our waiver. If this is not possible, the waiver can be downloaded and provided to us prior to delivery so you do not have to be present.
Are bikes allowed on the beach?
No, it is against the law in Naples for bikes to be on the beach. We do not allow our bikes on the beach as sand and saltwater corrode the bikes.
What size bike do you recommend for a child?

  • 4’5″ — 5’0″ ….. 24″
  • 4’0″ — 4’5″ ….. 20″
  • 3’8″ — 4’0″ ….. 18″
  • 3’5″ — 3’8″ ….. 16″

What are your bike rental rates?
Please visit our Bikes and Rental Rates page for more information.
Adventure Awaits
Whether you are biking to the beach or just out exploring our beautiful coastal town, we are committed to providing you with a fun and safe experience.

Pick Up and Delivery to:

Naples | Bonita Springs | Fort Myers Beach