What’s our most popular rental bike in Naples, Florida?

When it comes to renting a bike in Naples, our renters always have two important factors in mind: fun and comfort. Looking for that perfect combination of fun and comfort for our bike rental company has taken us on quite the adventure.

Many vacationers call us looking for bike rentals for the whole family. So of course, we have bikes for the whole family. Our bike rentals for boy and girl bikes are popular, but they’re not the most popular.

Bike renters also want a way to easily carry their beachwear, and that’s why our Naples bike rentals can also include bike baskets for sunscreen, smartphones and water bottles, backpack beach chairs for relaxing in the sand, and even pull behind bike trailers for hauling everything else.

But our bike rental additions are not our most popular.

Many people call us asking if they can rent cruiser bicycles. These bikes are durable, have padded seats designed for comfort, and thick tires. In fact, they are similar to our most popular bicycles in many ways.

People love renting cruiser bikes in Naples, but they are not our most popular.

So, what is our most popular rental bike in Naples, Florida?

The 7 Speed Hybrid Bike

It’s no wonder that the 7-Speed Hybrid bike is our most popular bike rental. It’s lightweight, easy to ride, and is designed for comfort.

Our Hybrid Bikes, also known as Cross Bikes, are great for any Naples terrain you might encounter. From bike paths to sidewalks, to beaches, the Hybrid Bike can handle it. And more than that, the straight handlebars increase handling.

If you are looking for bike rentals in Naples, Florida give us a call today. We can help you discover the perfect bike for your perfect day in the Naples sun.