Biking Bowditch Point Regional Park Fort Myers, Florida

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Looking for a great biking experience in Fort Myers, Florida? Look no further than Bowditch Point Park.

The temperature is high, and the water is perfect. Welcome to the beginning of fall in southwest Florida! As the temperature slowly begins to become a little cooler. First in the evenings and then earlier in the day, we begin to venture out for longer periods of time.

Fall in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida is a great opportunity to go exploring and enjoy a day at one of our great area beach parks. One of our favorite parks for biking and beachcombing in Fort Myers is Bowditch Point Regional Park.

Biking Bowditch Point Regional Park Fort Myers, Florida

Encompassing 17 majestic acres at the northern point of Estero island you will find Bowditch Point Park. 10 acres of the park have been reserved as a preservation area. So if you go biking through the other 7 acres your chances of encountering Florida wildlife are high.

Bike Rentals for Bowditch Point Park Fort Myers, FL

If you drive to the park you will have to pay hourly for parking, but bikes are free! Extend the possibilities of a day spent at Bowditch Point Park by renting bicycles from Beach Bum Bike Rentals. Whether you are at your home, hotel room, or on the beach, we can deliver your rental bikes right to you. From single bike rentals to entire fleets of beachgoers, Beach Bum has you covered.
A great Fort Myers Beach Bike ride is just a phone call away!

Bowditch Point Regional Park Fort Myers, Florida
50 Estero Blvd.
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931