Thinking about renting a bike? Here’s some reasons why you should.

Bike rentals on the beach | Beach Bum Bike Rentals Naples, FL

Feel Better – Cycling has been shown to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.

Take it Easy – Riding a bike is much easier on your knees, legs, ankles, and feet than running.
Although it is considered a low impact activity, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for your health.

Look Younger – Riding a bike increases your circulation, and as oxygen and nutrients are able to better travel to your skin cells the result is reduced signs of aging.

Make New Friends – Naples is full of active, friendly people and a daily bike ride will give you the opportunity to meet and greet new potential friends!

Pedal Your Way to that Creative Spark – Many artists believe that exercise helps open the mind, and bike riding is a way to get you over that mental block.

Enjoy the Perfect Naples Weather – There’s nothing like a bike ride on a crisp Naples morning during the fall. A whisper of a slight chill and clear blue skies as far as the eye can see.

End the Day with a Restful Sleep – If you suffer from insomnia try a 30-minute bike ride every other day. Studies have shown that it increases sleep time and helps you fall asleep faster.

Have we convinced you to rent a bike? Check out our rates and then give us a call!